TOEIC、TOEFL対策テスト : Vol.14

次の文の(  )の中に入る適当なものを選択語の中から選んでください :

(1) The index of leading indicators came (  ) 20 percent.
  選択語  (A) at (B) to (C) in (D) on 
(2) The balance of the nation's net external assets amounted (  ) ¥225.51 trillion.
  選択語  (A) by (B) at (C) to (D) on 
(3) The level was still the second highest (  ) record.
  選択語  (A) at (B) in (C) for (D) on 
(4) Financial authorities suspected securities firm Cosmo Securities Co. (  ) churning.
  選択語  (A) about (B) of (C) on (D) with 
(5) Churning refers to the excessive buying and selling of securities (  ) your account by your broker.
  選択語  (A) with (B) for (C) to (D) in