TOEIC、TOEFL対策テスト : Vol.20


"Japan, India seal currency deal" Japan and India signed bilateral currency swap arrangement Monday in which they will provide up to $6 billion in total to prevent a financial crisis, the Finance Ministry said. The conclusion of the currency swap deal came after Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited India last August and reached a basic agreement on the pact with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. The bilateral currency swap deal is aimed at addressing short-term liquidity difficulties and supplementing existing international financial arrangements, the ministry said.
 (ソース:新聞 The Japan Times ; Thursday, July 1, 2008)

1. What does "seal" mean in this article? Select the best answer from four choices.
  (1) decide
  (2) ratify
  (3) agree
  (4) postpone

2. In the article, there are two words which are synonymous with the word "deal".
 What are they?

3. What is NOT stated in the article?
  (1) Prime Minister Shinzo Abe met Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.
  (2) The deal was signed last August.
  (3) The purpose of the deal is to stop a financial crisis happening.
  (4) The deal will finance its partner.