TOEIC、TOEFL対策テスト : Vol.24

次の文の( )の中に最も適切な語句を、選択肢の中から選んでください :

Japan's government will create a single portal for (1) all the official paperwork needed to start a business, in an effort to attract foreign investment to new special economic zones.

The proposed "one-stop center" is supposed to (2) the two or three weeks it now takes to get through this red tape.

Entrepreneurs (3) a business in the greater Tokyo and Osaka areas or in Fukuoka -- three of the six "strategic" zones meant to spearhead deregulation -- could use the portal to complete the necessary forms and take care of other business, such as starting electricity and gas service and applying for a credit card. English-language service will (4) .

 (ソース:ネット ; June 16, 2014)

(1)選択肢: a. collecting b. filling c. sending d. making   
(2)選択肢: a. cut b. increase c. take d. halve   
(3)選択肢: a. doing b. starting c. planning d. having   
(4)選択肢: a. be used b. open c. be available d. start