TOEIC、TOEFL対策テスト : Vol.26

次の文の( )の中に最も適切な語句を、選択肢の中から選んでください :

Sapporo Holdings Ltd., Japan's third-largest beer-maker, said Thursday its largest shareholder, U.S. investment fund Steel Partners, proposed the brewery (1) antitakeover measures introduced last year.

Steel Partners, which (2) a 17.5 percent stake in the Tokyo-based brewery, demanded the issue (3) at a general shareholders meeting, Sapporo said in a statement.

Sapporo last year introduced antitakeover measures that allow it to dilute its stock to rebuff a hostile bid (4) more than 20 percent of voting rights.

 (ソース:雑誌 The Daily Yomiuri : Saturday, April 12, 2008)

(1)選択肢: a. dropped  b. had dropped  c. drop  d. dropping   
(2)選択肢: a. hold  b. holds  c. held  d. has held   
(3)選択肢: a. decided  b. had decided  c. was deciding  d. be decided   
(4)選択肢: a. seeking  b. sought  c. to seek  d. seeks