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North Korea's notable progress ( 1 ) its nuclear and missile developments, underpinned by Friday's fifth nuclear test, is becoming a real security threat ( 2 ) Japan, which hosts a bulk of U.S. military bases as Washington's key ally in East Asia, analysts say.

Following Friday's test, coming ( 3 ) the heels of more than 20 ballistic missiles launched by the reclusive state this year, Defense Minister Tomomi Inada said the possibility of North Korea having miniaturized nuclear weapons ( 4 ) the last four nuclear tests cannot be denied.
 (ソース:ネット The Japan Times ; Sep 10, 2016)

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The government Tuesday outlined rescue measures for Japan Airline that include a reduction ( 1 ) corporate pension benefits and bridge loans ( 2 ) a state-owned bank to keep the cash-strapped airline operational.

Construction and Transport Minister Seiji Maehara said the government is considering special legislation to ensure mandatory pension cuts to pave the way ( 3 ) the injection of public funds and that this may be put to the Diet ( 4 ) an ordinary session expected to be convened in January.
 (ソース:新聞 The Daily Yomiuri ; Wednesday, November 11, 2009)

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"Greece's Tsipras calls referendum to break bailout deadlock"

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras called a referendum on austerity demands from foreign creditors on Saturday, ( 1 ) an "ultimatum" from lenders and ( 2 ) a deal that could determine Greece's future in Europe to a risky popular vote.

The surprise call marked the most dramatic twist yet in five-month negotiations between Greece and its lenders, ( 3 )the cash-strapped nation into uncharted waters and ( 4 ) a default and capital controls as hopes for an aid agreement faded.

(ソース:ネット The Japan Times ONLINE ; Saturday, November 27, 2010)

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